Characteristics of Introverts and Extroverts


Introverts and extroverts are two different types of personality that are always present in the dynamic human nature. These personality types are the main reasons why many people do not have similar behaviors and attitudes. However, if all individuals know the type of their own personality, conflicts and misunderstanding can be easily prevented. So in this article, the characteristics of an introvert and an extrovert individual will be discussed to give the readers an idea of what is the difference between these two types of personality. It will be more interesting to start with an introvert person.

What is an introvert individual? And what are the most common traits of an individual who has an introvert personality? According to the study of psychology, introverts have eleven common characteristics that are totally different from what an extrovert person exhibits. One of their most common traits is their natural interest for the act of solitude. Introverts love to be alone rather than staying with other people. However, these individuals may talk to other individuals also sometimes only if the topic is something that is very interesting for them.

If the topic in a conversation looks very interesting for introverts, these individuals do not want to discuss it with small-talk. Introverts like in-depth conversations that are covered by extreme seriousness up to the end of the conversation if the topics are very interesting. Introverts love to be alone always, but these individuals are good listeners. These individuals do not want conflicts. Introverts love to accomplish their works alone and free from any kind of interruptions. During stressful days, these individuals prefer to stay in a place where other people won’t see them while recharging and doing the things that make them happy. Most of the time, these individuals prefer to express their feelings through writing.

Introverts are soft-spoken and these individuals do not like people most of the time. Even though these individuals are not fit to become leaders, introverts sometimes can be motivated also to lead a group or organization especially if the other individuals do not want to take the position. In other words, introvert individuals are those people who are always silent yet very affectionate and serious at all times. Now it’s time to tackle the characteristics of extroverts. Extroverts are the opposite of the introverts. These individuals do not like to stay in their homes alone.

Extroverts are those people who love to stay and enjoy several moments with other people and friends. Most of the time, these individuals are present in huge gatherings and celebrations where many people can see them and to talk them. Extroverts are commonly known as energized individuals. These individuals love to talk more in a conversation rather than listening. Extroverts are not actually considered as attentions-seekers but these individuals love to be the center of attention in a certain group or gathering. Extroverts are more enthusiastic than the introverts. These individuals can be easily distracted. Extroverts prefer to work in a group where several individuals can help them accomplish a certain job easily.

-Flow Psychology Editor